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questions from a beginner#200


hi, I have a few questions for you about working on the site. 1) the token is put up for sale the system takes a commission before bidding with any blockchain ? young authors who have no sales cannot pay a commission before the start of the auction. it’s strange that no one understands this. I came to you because of the greed of the site opensea and I can just as easily leave you. I have enough content for hundreds of tokens, but it’s a problem to start trading. do you have a blockchain for putting a token up for sale without commission before the start of trading? if yes, then write which ones can be used. if the answer is no, delete my account with all the materials. and I will look for another platform for trading on the Internet

a year ago

Hello mate,

First of all, before taking another nomadic step, I suggest you take out some time to understand how NFTs work, how NFTs are initialized on a chain, and lastly, how NFTs are minted for sell on a blockchain market.

To cut it short, the INITIALIZATION AND MINTING of an NFT on any blockchain marketplace comes a cost that is determined by the network selected by the creator. These fees do not in any way accrue to the revenue treasury of the marketplace. it goes to the miners that help sustain the network.

I hope this explanation helps

a year ago

it’s just the same on all sites - those who don’t pay can’t trade. and paying without getting anything in return is stupid and it does not guarantee successful sales. thank you for your answer, but I have already read this on the Internet myself. please delete my account from your site. I can’t remember where I wrote this ticket. if you remind me of the name, I will be grateful. if I have any materials left on the site, delete them as well. in my country, they do not trust those who ask for money without doing anything in return.that’s why people don’t trust such sites considering them fraudulent. even if you do not receive a blockchain commission, you who are engaged in supporting your project will be to blame in the eyes of people. I have no more questions.

a year ago